Maple Sugar Season is almost here!

Maple Sugar season is almost here – soon the temperatures will be above freezing during the day and below freezing at night and the sap will run!  Time to clean the maple buckets, spiles, covers, and collection containers.  Time to gather all our supplies and wait for the forecast to call for warming temps.  We’ll dig out paths to the maple trees and then dig out our “refrigeration” in the snow.  We try to utilize the natural refrigeration the snow provides to keep our sap cold until we have enough to start boiling.  The boiling is the “hard” part – it is just time consuming.  We boil on the stove since we are a small backyard operation.  We boil for 12 hours a day or so and then put the sap in the fridge until the next day when we boil again.  The reward is great though – dark rich maple syrup.  Dark maple syrup offers the strongest maple flavor and is my favorite – not just for cooking with but also to warm up and pour on pancakes or French toast.  Yum!

We try to have enough sap to start boiling before our March Maple Madness  on March 22nd.  This fun Inn-to-Inn event offers guests the opportunity to visit the historic inns of BBInnsMWV while sampling maple treats savory and sweet.

Maple Sugaring at the Mt. Washington B & B

Maple Sugaring at the Mt. Washington B & B


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I've been an Innkeeper since 1999 and a quilter since 2000 when I picked up a McCall's Easy Quilts magazine in the supermarket my first January as an innkeeper (it was cold, quiet, and I thought - well, it's easy!). I have the best job in the world, hosting people from far and near. I love to bake, cook, and do a variety of crafts. I was a Social Worker on Long Island before moving to New Hampshire to start my new life as an Innkeeper. I love living in New Hampshire and being an Innkeeper
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