SnowCoach Tour

Guests are headed up to tree line on the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s SnowCoach today.  They won tickets from me by being the first guests to reserve for the Valentine’s/Presidents Weekend.  I thought of tagging along as I have another ticket but it is Co-old up there today!  I looked at the Mt. Washington Observatory’s website – <a href=””></a> – to see what the weather was like.  Brrrrr – 69 plus mile an hour winds, making the wind chill about 30 below zero F.  Don’t get me wrong – I like adventure but that’s just a little too cold for me and my Canon Digital camera.  The poor thing would freeze on me and then I’d freeze waiting for it to thaw to take photos.  I live up here and can go on a warmer day (and I really need to find my long johns!).  I will find out when they come back if they went up or decided it would be too cold and windy for them too.  They are much more adventurous than I am – they come up every fall to hike Mt. Washington and take a different route every year.  I provided some Chocolate Amaretto Fudge to help fortify them!</p>

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About quiltinginnkeeper

I've been an Innkeeper since 1999 and a quilter since 2000 when I picked up a McCall's Easy Quilts magazine in the supermarket my first January as an innkeeper (it was cold, quiet, and I thought - well, it's easy!). I started my first quilt at 12:30 in the afternoon and finished the top at 2:30 in the morning (yes, I'm a bit OCD with new projects!). I was hooked and signed up for a quilting class with a friend the following month.
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