Day Four

Well, it rained today so the AT was not going to happen – wouldn’t want my paint to peel.  We did however take some photos with Mary Ann’s cat Sophie and one of the many quilts she (Mary Ann, not Sophie) has made.   Later in the day the weather started to improve and we were hoping for a sensational sunset which we were rewarded with as we relaxed on the porch.  Tomorrow Mary Ann says she has a big day in store for me!

Mary Ann’s guests have been so nice!  They’ve all been asking me about myself and where I’m traveling to next!Sophie, the quilt and The Red Chair


About quiltinginnkeeper

I've been an Innkeeper since 1999 and a quilter since 2000 when I picked up a McCall's Easy Quilts magazine in the supermarket my first January as an innkeeper (it was cold, quiet, and I thought - well, it's easy!). I have the best job in the world, hosting people from far and near. I love to bake, cook, and do a variety of crafts. I was a Social Worker on Long Island before moving to New Hampshire to start my new life as an Innkeeper. I love living in New Hampshire and being an Innkeeper
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